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11 December 2022

We took the girls with us to vote the Saturday before Election Day. Figured we could vote and then work in a trip to the library since they are connected. Obviously we have the second children goofing off and the serious first kids taking this well, very seriously. 

I love Kate peeking through to smile on this second picture. Kate was so good at helping daddy pick. Emmy just asked a bunch of questions! 

So much fun. I loved that they had "future voter" stickers this time. Kate loved hers and in true Emmy fashion, Emily would not only refuse to wear her but wouldn't allow me to wear mine either. 

Next we walked across to the library, read some books, played a little and then checked out a ton of books! I just love that book tucked under Emmy's arm... and her high heels. 

Had to include this one because it's just too cute. Before we went to vote, we took a trip to Whole Foods. For some reason, Emmy insisted on us getting this death wish coffee. We didn't take it home in the end but got a super cute picture of Kate with it :) 

OH and one more. Because they are precious. The girls in their fort, working on their little girl computers. I love it. And I love that they love to vote! It's so fun taking them and having them ask about it all year round. XOXO


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