On The Go End of Year Party

20 August 2022

Emily had her first end of the year party! Thanks to COVID, we haven't had these little fun things in a while! Emily had such a great year with her teachers and friends! God bless Sabrina and Niecey-- they are angels! 

In true Emily fashion, she wore her high heels for the party! She actually wears these most days to school. She was so excited for mom to come to the party and loved her ice cream! 

I loved watching her play with all her friends and celebrate! She took so many pictures with her teachers-- she is really going to miss them! And I love that she has her favorite girl, Juney Bug, in every single photo-- right next to her! 

Here's hoping next year is just as fun! It's her last at ECEP before going to big girl school! XOXO


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