Kate's Last Day at ECEP

21 August 2022

Kate has attended the Early Childhood Education Program at Trinity Episcopal since she was 10 months old! She's spent 4 years, the majority of her life at this place! It's bittersweet to move on but I know we're all excited about her jump to "real" school!

Brian and I both grew up in towns where you mostly went to the same schools with the same people-- if you moved across town, still.. same school. It's so wild to me that the kids will be disbursed all over Little Rock. We're going to PreK for 4 of her friends but the next year-- she'll move and be the only one! 

I made the girls take pictures in the yard just like we did on the first day. Kate wore the same dress and really doesn't look a whole lot different than she did. maybe taller! 

When I went to pick Kate up-- I had to snap some pictures of her with her little gal pals. They were so funny-- yelling out, take a funny one, do the peace sign, shake your booty! So sweet. 

Her teacher sent us this picture. I love it! 

We had to do a tour though the building to get pictures with all our teachers! Kate had Ms. Niecey and Ms. Sabrina her second year at ECEP. Emily had them last year. It was so fun to have the same bunch with two very different girls! 

Kate had Ms. Mary her third year and Emily will enter her class tomorrow. 

Kate had Ms. Maddy as her first teacher at ECEP. They had such a special little relationship. Emmy had Maddy her second year and will have her again this year! Maddy can't get away from us!!! 

We've never had Frances but I swear I have dropped and picked up from her for three solid years and she's just as much family as any teacher!! 

Kate had to show Emily her old room. Love it!

This is Ms. Mariah-- she's one of Sabrina's twin daughters. Kate and Emmy love Mariah and her twin Samyia-- who already went back to college and we didn't get a picture! 

We ran into Annie as we were leaving and these sweet little girls had the most fun hugging and saying goodbye. So sweet-- a little sad and very excited. You've been good to our girls ECEP. We love you! 

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