Destin Family Vacation 2022

14 August 2022

After three years away, we took a trip to the beach last month with Brian's family. The girls enjoyed the beach and had so much fun with our family. We actually got to see the entire side of one family and it was great being together! 

We left on a Friday afternoon so Brian and I had the morning to prepare. We dropped the kids at daycare, got pedicures and packed. We ended up being ready super early so we had a nice little lunch date to Lost 40. One of our favs. Which we spent connected to my wifi hotspot, downloading disney movies for the plane :) 

We picked up the girls right before naptime and headed to the airport. I heard that Allegiant lines were generally long. We ended up waiting foooorever but the girls were good and so, so excited! 

Everything was new and so much fun for them! They switched seats a few times on the plane. Got excited, got nervous and ultimately settled in just fine. Kate is a pro and Emily slept so she thinks flying is really the fastest thing ever! 

Made it to the beach and immediately in our suits. I will never forget the first night on the beach with the girls. If I could bottle up that excitement and the smiles. It was so perfect! 

Emily's face is just pure wonderful here. I love it! 

First full day at the beach. Started out strong. Seashell bags, hats, sunglasses-- and her baby! Really really so precious. They had so much fun playing in the sand the first few days. They loved it! 

First item on the agenda was to bury dad. They had been talking about it for a while. 

Sweet walk on the beach after dinner. Both wearing their ballet outfits. I didn't think they would actually wear them when we packed these-- but I was wrong. Emmy wore hers almost every day! 

Had to take dress up clothes. Stole Papaws hat and shoes :) 

Emmy ended up taking a nap two days in a row on me. I can't believe how sweet she looks sleeping. She's sucking a sandy thumb which is crazy! And that sweet sand on her eyes and brows. I could eat her up. 

We were able to spend some time with the entire family! We were only missing one person-- when was the last time this happened?! So wonderful! 

Another nightly walk on the beach with these sweet kiddos. I love how these little cousins love each other. 

More pool and beach time with the kiddos! By this time the kids had almost fully transitioned to pool time only. Kate just had it with the sand. 

One day we snuck off to have oysters for lunch. Exactly what I wanted. I took naps with the kiddos almost every single day. After our nap on one afternoon, I took Kate and Emmy to the Disney store. Emily was not budging on her pick. She actually wanted this massive castle and we were able to switch back to the first pick-- she was proud. 

Then we moved on to our last night and family photos on the beach. 

Time to head home-- we left around noon and for some reason my 4-year-old was selected for a random screening. She looks so suspect. She did well but was so worried that her bow set off the alarm... "if only I wore a headband!"

Emily loved watching the planes come and go. It was so exciting for her! 

I thought it was so funny when we arrived in Destin, they told us that we would exit on a hard stand. Kate kept asking what that was. So when we got back to depart Destin, Kate kept asking, "are we going to get on a hard stand?" We died laughing. So while waiting to climb the hard stand, it was too sunny, the kiddos stole our glasses and I had to snap a picture. 

Emily begged for the window seat this time. Kate was not happy. She ended up passing out shortly after take off.. which made Kate even more unhappy. Ha. Ha. 

I don't even understand how you can sleep this way. I crammed some pull ups under her head and made a pillow. 

We had a fantastic time at the beach and I know the girls are looking forward to the next trip to the beach and even more-- next airplane! 

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