Sweetest Little Weekend at Home

24 August 2022

We had the best little weekend in Little Rock. Each year before school starts, school closes for a few days to reset. We usually end up taking a day or so off to keep the kiddos. This year we reserved Friday for fun with the girls and some friends! 

We met up at the bowling alley for a memorable experience! The girls have asked so many times already to go back and bowl! They had a blast and really loved it! 

Everyone got very into pushing the ball as hard as possible down the ramp. There was plenty of silly, play time mixed in as well. We even grabbed lunch and played a significant amount of arcade games. 

Emmy went SO hard until she almost crashed! 

Love this one! 

Couldn't find Emmy. Found her driving the car on Mrs. Allyson's lap! 

Daddy and Allyson doing dance, dance revolution!

Everyone was exhausted when we got home. I went in to check on Kate and found her cuddling with this sweet book that she was gifted by Nora Grace. Made my heart smile. 

Saturday morning we took a quick trip to grab something from my office. The girls couldn't wait to get in and steal some candy from Mrs. Patty's office. 

Then off to the pool with Nora Grace and Annie! It's girl power weekend! These girls love the Racquet Club and Kate was such a big girl! She jumped off the diving board, went down the big and little slide! Big girl! 

And Sunday morning the girls went to the big service with us for the Blessing of the Backpacks. They were really excited. And I've never seen such a sweet pictures as the one below. Those little faces standing in front of the church. I love it! 

Then we went home and the girls worked on Kate's birthday invitations. Precious. Lots of crooked stamps and address labels in random places. Hope no one got an empty envelope! :) 

After nap, it was off to Emily's school open house. We couldn't get a picture of Emily because she was far too busy playing with the phone but I got a sweet one of Kate and daddy. It was a lovely weekend! XOXO

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