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20 July 2015

I've never been an avid reader but when you live with one, it kind of encourages you to pick up a book every once in a while. I've tried a few and put them down days later. 

I'm kind of an all or nothing person in my everyday life, the same goes for books. It's just ok and I never pick it up again or I am so obsessed that I can't put it down, read while eating, while putting on my make-up in the morning, all the time. That's how I've been with these three books.

I read "The Girl on the Train" a couple months ago and loved it. Then my good buddy Reece Witherspoon reccommended "Luckiest Girl Alive" to me via instagram. I figured if Reece loves it, I'll love it. I liked it. The ending didn't make me the happiest girl alive. But let's just say I started it on my flight to Denver last Tuesday, Wednesday night I got asked to go out but kindly declined to go to my room and finish my book. What a nerd. And I did finish it because I have such an obsessive personality. There is said it! 

My friend Jennifer recommended that I read "The Good Girl" on Friday after I told her about the LGA. So what did I do? I bought it on kindle Friday while waiting for my flight home and obsessed over it the whole way home. I'm confident that I could have finished if my iPad didn't die. I loved it. LOVED IT! When I finally got around to finishing it Sunday. It really kept me guessing until the very end. 

I'm into the books where the chapters rotate, I think it keeps me interested-- kind of like Gone Girl. before/afters/him/her, etc. 

Which funny story, I told Brian on Friday that I finished LGA and needed him to buy me another book. His reply, "let me guess it has girl in the title?" It had not dawned on me until then that every single book I have read lately is girl this, girl that. If you want me to buy your book just put girl in the title!! 

Anyway, long story short... read all three :) But start with The Good Girl. Oh and I need suggestions for beach reads, anyone?!


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