Kate - 12 Months

06 November 2018

I can't believe the first year has passed. Kate has been such a joy! I love to watch her grow and learn. She's the sweetest little girl and I'm so thankful she is ours! 

I've already blogged her birthday so that means I'm super late posting her 12th month. She saved the very best gift for last. Kate is finally sleeping through the night. Not occasionally but every single night.

She's still wearing crazy sizes. We haven't hit 12 month clothing yet. She's wearing this 6 month outfit at almost a year. Kate is measuring 28.5 inches, 21 lbs. She's not super sure about whole milk yet but getting the hang of it. 

You still love these rings and wearing them as bracelets is your very favorite thing! 

I say favorite, maybe it's climbing the stairs cause you REALLY love that! All day, every day you would climb. 

We've been making some trips to the park. You think swinging is so fun! 

Picture day at school. But you actually didn't wear this because you spit up on yourself as we were walking out. 

1st car date at school. You love Ellis! 

 And I'm pretty sure Ellis hearts you too ;) 

You got a big girl table. But it's really turned into more of a climbing gym for you. 

You ate spaghetti and loved it. I'm still a little shocked you didn't make more of a mess. Have you see what this girl can do with peas and carrots?!

Play date with Ms. Jerrica and your buddies from 108. 

I die. How sweet. 

Dinner date with the Sparks girls. Love this! 

You also switched schools this month. It was tough on everyone but the right thing to do. We had to visit Ms. Jerrica on your last day. We love Ms. Jerrica! 

You took your second trip to Memphis to celebrate Papaws 60th birthday! 

Hi fishy! 

You were so good in the escape room and we got out with 7 minutes left. Thank goodness. 

You started your new school and now we get the sweetest little pictures of you during the day. You've made lots of new friends. 

You love to wake up early and help mom get ready for work. Makeup is SO FUN. 

You got a new play kitchen for your birthday and love cooking up a storm. Don't worry-- blog post coming soon on the kitchen :) 

You are so easy going and silly. You are always smiling and laughing and being the sweetest girl, ever. You are loving tea parties with dad, cooking in your kitchen, climbing the stairs, bath time and swinging outside. 

Your birthday party was so fun! The transition to your new school was so easy. You love hanging out with mommy and daddy and you still really love to cuddle. 

You are curious, smart, loving and the best little girl we could ask for. We love celebrating you and are so blessed to be your parents. Love watching you grow and can't wait to see what you do in the future. Love you so much sweet baby girl!! 

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