Halloween + Fall Fun Week

08 November 2018

Hey cutie pie!! Last week, Kate's school had fall fun week. And let me just say-- she rocked it. She was so adorable. I was semi stressed about it because, well.. she's 1 and she does not have a favorite Disney character and she does not have a favorite superhero and to be 100% honest... I couldn't even think of a superhero. 
Soooo... I spent a lot of time browsing pinterest. I decided I was going to to try to put together my own costumes without having to buy a whole lot.

We started the week with mismatched day which was so much harder than I thought it would be! And I didn't get a picture. We ended up running in the grocery store after work and this babe looked crazy!! 

Tuesday was Disney Day. I went with Minnie Mouse because I knew it would be pretty easy. 

Kate has a few pink tutus so I just attached some felt circles to the skirt, ordered a cute little black onesie and some ears. Of which she refused to wear. I really wanted to go with red since her shoes for her Halloween costume were red but we had the pink skirt so PINK WINS!

I did end up getting her to keep a bow in her hair just long enough for the picture. I went with a pair of her black shoes since we already had them :) 

For Halloween I decided on Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I don't even know how I arrived here but was excited to come up with a cute little outfit. I found the red sparkle shoes first. And this girl LOVES carrying a purse.. or really carrying anything that has a strap over her arm. For her birthday she got a play kitchen and all sorts of accessories. She carries around her fruit basket all the time on her arm so I knew that part of the costume would be a huge success. Finding a small dog was much harder than I anticipated. So we skipped it. More room for candy! 

She has this little bubble from the 4th of July but with her name on it. I thought it would be adorable over a peter pan collar onesie. I searched high and low, I even contacted ShadesKids.com where i originally ordered Kate's first one from to see if they had any blanks left. I finally found it on ebay! Of all places. And it was so super cheap. 

Kate's school had the cutest little Halloween parade around the block and then a carnival in the gym. Of course her bow was long gone by 3:30 but she still looked just a precious. All of the kids did. 

So sweet!!

And then we arrive at Thursday. Superhero day. Thank you pinterst for showing me how to make a super easy super cape out of a t-shirt. I bought a 3T shirt, cut off the sleeves and the front to make the cape. I was going to use some ribbon the front for a tie, but I figured that would just annoy her and she would try ripping it off. 

I had some floral fabric laying around so I cut out a star, attached with no sew bonding. I used light pink felt to make the K and again.. used my handy dandy no sew. I love that stuff. 

She was the cutest little superhero that I've ever seen. And now we can keep the cape for the next couple years :) 

We missed Friday, which was pajama day and the day I was looking the most forward to. There's always next year ;) 

And before I go-- I have to share her adorable little Halloween treats for her friends. Took the picture before I finished them but they are still so cute! 

Hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween! XOXO

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