Friendsgiving / Opening Weekend

28 November 2018

Do you know how hard it is to get 5 littles to take a picture? It's pretty darn hard. I should really try to share the video of what was going on behind the camera when this was taken. Mamas jumping around like crazy ladies. 

Some girlfriends and I got together a few weeks before Thanksgiving-- opening deer season weekend to be exact. We are usually pretty good about getting together around the holidays. Last year was the first year with lots of kiddos. Three of us had babies within 4 months of each other. Look at the comparison! We really should have put them in the same order.

So much more hair! Cutie pies. 

It was so fun to watch them all play together-- I love this picture below because of how much was going on. It's so funny to me. Some are blurry because they were moving around at lighting speed. 

Lots of cooks in the kitchen! 

So fun to get all our kids together to play. I'm sure it will be a whole new ballgame this time next year :) XOXO

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