Baby ISH - 3rd Installment

30 July 2018

1. Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker  |   2.  Happy Baby Puffs   |    3. CeraVe Baby Wash/Shampoo   |    4. Food Storage Cups    
5. Building Blocks   |   6. Sippy Cup    |     7. Summer Baby 3D Lite Stroller   |   8. Boon Snack Cups    |    9.  Pampers Pure Wipes    
    10. Stacking Buckets    |    11. Copper Pearl Bibs 

This is my most colorful baby update to date! It's like I could only keep my calm, cool, neutral color palette around for so long until we really couldn't control it! 

So I'm back with the latest list of baby stuff we consider necessities. These lists are really kind of fun. I've enjoyed them.. which is probably why I'm still making them. 

If you are interested in LIST 1 and LIST 2. Click on the links to catch up. Or you can use the search bar and use the name that I have so eloquently named them, "baby ish."

So let's dive in here-- I feel like we need so much less now. She just moves and is so active. I swear it take longer to pack her food or prepare it than it does anything else these days. But I've narrowed it down to my/her favorite things from the past 1-2 months-ish. 

1. Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker- I am legitimately mad that we didn't buy this sooner. I read about them a while back but thought, we don't really need one. The one of her gifts from a shower was defective, I took it back to trade at Target, they didn't have it, no plans of getting more so I'm walking around the store with a credit. I see this and think.. hum, maybe? Get it home and seriously, 20 minutes later- Kate is walking through the room, banging on the keyboard, opening and closing the peek-a-boo door. I can't say enough good things about this toy. We could have used it on the ground for months before the walker. You can snap the play board off and use it on the floor. A lot of times Kate just sits at the base and plays with all the buttons on the front. It's a really great toy! And it's so cheap! 

2.  Happy Baby Puffs- I purposely have not looked these up on the clean label project website. I know they can't be good but Kate loves them so much. And they are so easy! SO EASY. We started out eating cheerios which are probably a whole lot better but somehow keep getting back to these. They are basically a $3.00 babysitter that just keeps giving. 

3. CeraVe Baby Wash/Shampoo- I've tried a few different baby wash and shampoo combos and this is my favorite. Plus it rated really high on my think dirty app. It's clean and unscented so I know it's good for Kate's sensitive skin. It leaves her skin feeling super soft. Plus we use the Tubby Todd bubble bath.. all natural and amazing! 

4. Food Storage Cups- I thought for a minute that I might make Kate's baby food purees. Then I realized I had no interest in doing it. But I had already ordered these and now I'm glad I did! These are the perfect little size for her food now that I'm cooking for her. I food prep (which I'll blog about sometime) her food one the weekends-- about 10 at a time and then pop them all in the freezer. These are the perfect size. 

5. Building Blocks- We went to the lake last month with some friends and Erin had bought some building blocks and buckets for the girls to play with. They were a huge hit. I think I had ordered some on Amazon before we even left the lake. Kate loves these! She loves immediately knocking down whatever w build and she loves beating them together and making all sorts of noise. The packaging said she wasn't old enough but we just stuck back the small triangle ones until she's a little older. There is no way the rest are fitting in her mouth! 

6. Sippy Cup- One day I realized that girlfriend needs some water! So we went to Target and started at all the sippy cups. I went with this kind because it was close to look and feel of her bottle and figured she would adapt well to it. And she did. We've used a couple munchkin ones too but this is her preferred cup. Working on the 360 one! But not holding my breath... 

7. Summer Baby 3D Lite Stroller- I really hope my husband isn't reading this. Our travel system was great for the first few months when we could click and click Kate from car to stroller, sleeping and not wake her. Then it got HEAVY. And she didn't want to lean back. And it got HEAVY. And then you put in the other seat and then it got even HEAVIER. And it's great for walks around the neighborhood and stuff like that but for travel... it takes up half of the cargo area in the car. So I got an umbrella stroller for like $24 bucks at Walmart. From the first time I actually used it, I hated it. It was cheap and a piece of crap. I knew I needed a new option before we went on vacation this summer so I did the research and found a Summer Infant version that was rated well. Well it was also like $100 bucks and I couldn't justify buying TWO. Then it got marked down on Amazon. $62 isn't bad but I still felt back.. and what would Brian say?! Then prime day happened and I got an additional 20% off.. sold! But what do I do with this umbrella stoller? I took it to the resale shop and got $12 for it. I think I'm in the green now. Plus.. I love this stroller! Enough room to carry your stuff without being too heavy or bulky. Good call mama! 

8. Boon Snack Cups- We started off using the munchkin cups and they were great! Until Kate figured out how to hold them open and dump everything! I've found these keep the puffs in a little better but are still super easy for her to use. We got ours at the Toggery in Little Rock but it looks like you can buy them most anywhere that sells baby stuff. 

9. Pampers Pure Wipes- Kate got a not so happy diaper rash a little while back so I went to grab some water wipes. We've used them in the past because they don't irritate the already irritated skin. But they pick up nothing! They actually kind of suck of cleaning anything.  I remembered one of Kate's teachers telling me that the pure wipes actually worked really well. So I grabbed some and we haven't gone back! It's nice that you can use them for anything and not worry about them having anything bad in them. No more reason to buy separate wipes for things. 

10. Stacking Buckets- back to number 5 on this one. She loves these! They entertain her-- stacking, knocking down, placing one inside of the other, hiding one under the others.. the fun is endless! 

11. Copper Pearl Bibs- I will be the first to say when I was semi-wrong. In the first post I wrote about how I hated bandana bibs. I did.. then. And I still don't think they are good for little babies whose necks/heads fall over these and don't allow them to work. But they are perfect now. Cause usually we're just using them to catch drool and these are cute! And stylish and generally are a perfect compliment to her outfits ;) My friend Erin gets them in only solids- white and grey- which is a really good idea. But the adorableness that are copper pearls patterns-- I can't give them up!!! 

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