Happy 4th!!

26 July 2018

We spent the 4th of July at the lake this year. It was strange since it fell on a Wednesday. Brian and I ended up taking Thursday off and then I had Friday off too. So it was a super nice long weekend. 

We went down to the lake Tuesday after work and Brian's brother David joined us. We had a really fun time!

 We spent the whole day on the 4th on Lake Degray. Kate stayed at the house with my parents. We cruised, skied, swam, chilled and had a great day in the sun. We grilled on Wednesday night and just relaxed. 

Kate spent some time in the her pool and didn't hate it this time. She got right in and played so hard.

And she rocked her cute little 4th of July outfit I got her. I just love Shades Kids! And Kate loves this porch swing. She rocks her body back and forth to get it to swing. It's seriously so precious. 

She's at the stage where she doesn't want to sit still for pictures. 

Hey cute booty! 

Loves her food but must inspect it before putting in her mouth. She's so fun and really is developing quite the personality. 


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