Kate's Baptism

27 July 2018

We baptized sweet baby Kate a couple weeks ago and it was a really great weekend. We had so many family members join us and it made the weekend that much more special. 

Family members started coming in Friday evening- Lauren, Josh and David joined us on Friday and then my parents came up on Saturday. We had a lot of fun and put all our brothers/bronlaws to work-- hello new light fixtures!

Kate has really started commanding attention in a crowded room. She's so funny that way! 

Kate, me and Brian with our Senior Pastor, Carness Vaughn 

Such a ham. I love this baby! 

Beautiful little baby girl. 

Her cake was so pretty! When I picked it up on Saturday they gave me many instructions. They said to keep in fridge until 2 hours before eating. Guess who forgot to take the cake out until 30 minutes before? It was so cold. But you know what? They next day it was freakin awesome. 

We had a great weekend and felt so much love from our family. Kate is such a lucky little babe and loved by so many! 

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