Iron Railing UPGRADE

11 June 2022

I've wanted to do this for as long as I can remember. I keep saying that I'll start and then I think about the prep and sanding and I just don't want to. BUT a couple months ago, I took a couple days off work and decided it was GO time. 

Then I got the flu. I felt terrible while working on this and now I know why. My prep was very lazy but I think it turned out just fine. I would focus on the how in this post normally-- but since I already admitted my prep and how was much less than-- I'll just share what I used- wire brush, sander, and this PAINT

It looks totally different which is 100% what I was going for. Now if you get close, you'll see I didn't get all the old off. But for what I wanted to accomplish, it's perfect! 

Moment of silence for the before. Which this was actually not terrible cause most was covered up with balloons. It's the only picture I could find. Next: awning! 


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