DIY Crayons + Coloring Packets

18 June 2022

I made these super fun crayons as party favors for Emily's birthday party last month. I've seen them a few times but ran across a cute little coloring gift bag on Etsy and figured I could make it! So I did :) 

They were actually really easy. I ordered a couple molds from Amazon. We went with an Encanto theme so the butterfly and flowers worked out perfectly. 

I ordered crayons in bulk on amazon. I read to only use regular crayons, not the washable ones. I also read some that people swear by crayola but I ordered cheaper ones. They seemed to work just fine. I started by cutting each crayon down the side, the labels popped right off after that. I read that soaking in soapy water worked well too but I didn't want to deal with wet crayons and drying. The razor blade worked great, just watch your fingers! 

Breaking them was harder than I thought-- mainly just getting them small enough. My molds were small and shallow. I ended up using a meat mallet in the end and it helped a lot. Made more of a mess but worked :)  I ended up baking these for around 20 mins on 220. Just eyeball and you'll be fine. 

Getting my color schemes worked out was the hardest part. They looked like they would go well together but when I popped them out, I wasn't as happy with the combos. I got much better at it towards the end. And I stopped sweating it as much since Encanto is so colorful! 

I ended up finding some free download coloring sheets, I resized them, printed on cardstock, cut to size and then included a handful in a bag, dropped in two crayons, made a label and TA-DA! Fun and easy! 

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