Emily Turns THREE!

13 June 2022

Our precious Emily Rhea turned THREE last month! We spent the day celebrating her sweet little life-- with donuts, cake, and plenty of her favorite-- chocolate! 

Kate stayed up late the night before to help me decorate. She really loves this kind of thing and loved making it all so special for her sister! 

Emily woke up early and I think took a sneak peek of her presents before coming to wake us up! She was so excited! 

Favorite gift of the day went to the Isabella house which was a total last minute find because I didn't think anything was going to come in on time. 

We spent the morning playing and going to church. We made a special funfetti cake that night with homemade icing- yum! And had a great day celebrating our sweet three year old! 

You are the brightest sunshine and light up our every single day! You love so fiercely and know exactly what you want. You are silly, kind, copy everything your sister does, still obsessed with bun bun, usually toting a princess or five, and always are the happiest in your pajamas! You are so curious, smart, and love your friends and teachers so much! We love to celebrate your sweet, precious life and we love you SO MUCH!! 

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