The Most Fantastic Wardrobe

06 October 2021

So excited to share this fun little project. It was actually Kate's birthday gift last month. This sweet little dress-up wardrobe that has kept our girls so entertained! And was fun for me to work on, too :) 

I actually found this on facebook marketplace months ago! I snagged it for maybe $40 bucks but did not like the color. It was similar to below but I swear it was a much brighter pink. The mirror was cracked and it just needed some love. 

I think this is the original: Guidecraft Kids' See and Store Dress-Up Center

This sat in my workshop for months until I finally started working. I sanded the entire thing, primed it and then started painting. It was actually much harder to paint than I expected. I used a white/lavender shade from Lowes. I ended up swapping out the clothes bar to a natural wood and I replaced the mirror on the end. I pulled the old one off and took it to our local glass shop. They were able to make a new one the exact shape! 

This is the morning of Kate's birthday! We gifted her this with shoes, crowns, wands, jewelry and some new dresses. Kate and Emily loved it and play with this all the time. Brian actually said to me last night how much of a home run it was. Love it! 

Crowns  |   Headband Holder  |   Wands  |   Purse  |   Crowns  |   Tassel Basket  |   Shoes  

I love that it's just their size. They can get anything, try on any dress, accessory, etc. It seriously encourage independent play and we've had so much of it since! Best gift! I love how the color turned out and I think it's so precious. 

I've been the most surprised how much Emmy love this. She wears allll the dresses whether they fit or not. Clops around in allll the shoes and looks so stinking adorable. 

Especially on this day when she got dresses all by herself in the backwards Belle dress. Bless her sweet little heart. 

Rapunzel  |   Belle  |  Elsa 1  |  Anna  |   Elsa  2  |  Tiana  |   Moana  |   Cinderella   |   Elsa 3 

Watching them play and receive so much happiness out of this little project makes me so happy! I love projects like this and I'm so glad they reap the fun. Seeing these sweeties switch dresses 30 times during the day is my absolute fav!! <3 xoxo 

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