Fabulous Fall Weekend

26 October 2021

I love fall! I love fall weekends even more! A couple weekends ago we had the perfect little one. Complete with a trip to the zoo, lunch at Lost 40, a fire with smores!, family pictures, and a birthday party. It was packed and lovely. 

We started Saturday morning with a trip to the zoo. It's been two years since we've been! The girls were a little apprehensive at first but then had a blast. Hello playground, they loved it! 

That evening we had our family pictures (those to come sooon!) at Two Rivers Park. Emily was not having it but was in a terrific mood once we got home. We had dinner on the patio, made a fire and finished the night with smores. 

Lots of smiles and laughs.. and dancing! with my girls. 

The next morning we took it easy. This is a picture of Emily taking "family pictures" of her princesses. Baby doll is taking the picture and she's super proud of herself. 

After naptime, the girls and I went to Nora Grace and Willa's birthday party! It was so fun, the weather was perfect, and the girls played hard! 

Love these little besties! They had a piƱata, which was so cute! Both girls LOVED the candy and I got a cute little snap of Emmy taking a swing. 

It was a wonderfully perfect weekend and I love having all these sweet, fun memories with our growing girls. XOXO


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