ECEP End of Year Party 2021

23 August 2021

The end of the year was so different for the girls this year. The Sunday before their last week, there was a fire in the church part of the building. They ended up shutting down the school for a week and the girls missed their last week in their 2020-2021 classes. I was so sad they weren't going to get to finish the last couple of days AND have their end of the year party. 

Kate's teacher ended up hosting an outside party on the playground for the kiddos who could make it. I ended up taking off this day so I planned to take Kate (and our favorite tag along, Emmy!) When we found out her little girlfriends couldn't make it, we stacked the car with as many car seats as it could take and went to party! I love this sweet picture of all the girls in the car :) 

Guess I should back up some and show this adorable picture of Kate. She picked out her "party" dress on Sunday night to wear for the Monday party. I was so worried when I found out school was closed because she was SO excited. Luckily she saved the dress for Tuesday and she looks so grown up. Many it's that she stole my heels and that makes her look SO OLD!! 

I wish I took notes on all the discussions in the car. It was so entertaining to listen to these little girls chat. It was hilarious and precious. It was so funny when I picked up Annie, she came outside with a big backpack. I asked her what was in the backpack and she quickly and very seriously said "stuff to play with." When we got to the playground, she dumped the bag and so. many. princesses came out! 

I love this picture of Emmy. She was so excited when she found Moana!! I felt terrible because these little dolls had all sorts of leaves in their hair. I moved the girls to a table and we tried to clean the girls up. They had so much fun playing! When I talked to Annie's mom, she was like OMG seriously that was all her dolls! 

Ms. Mary brought lunch for the kiddos and even packed a lunch for little Emmy. She had so much fun hanging out with the big kids. 

It was so hot outside but so totally worth it for these little kiddos to get to play together with Ms. Mary one last time! I love their little friendships and it's fun to watch your kids in their habitat that you usually aren't in.. if that makes sense. Everyone played hard and kiddos + mom were worn out! It took Kate all of two minutes to pass out! 


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