Art Wall

29 August 2021

I had this idea one afternoon to start a gallery wall with the kiddos art from school. The next week I took a trip to At Home, grabbed some frames and BAM! Done. 

The girls do so much art at school! The school has an annual event where they auction off classroom group art and then parents can buy the kids individual piece. I knew I wanted to put them somewhere.. so I did this. And left room for growth and of course I can switch out pictures as we get new ones. The canvas ones are all the pieces I've bought, minus the Christmas one. I just love that one. It was Emmy's gift to us last year. So sweet! 

My very favorite is that Johnston Family hand one. I LOVE it! Kate did that last year. Each member had to trace our hand on a different sheet of paper and send it back. I wish I framed it sooner! 

Looking forward to growing this fun, colorful wall!! XOXO


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