Summer at the Racquet Club

26 August 2021

We've had so much fun this year going to the Racquet Club with the girls. It's the best way to burn some energy and keep cool! The girls have really enjoyed going and are getting more comfortable with the water each time. They have the perfect little kiddo pool! 

Kate took her first year of swim lessons and while they weren't the most successful, I think they helped her a bit. We've been working with her on kicking and such.. hoping we'll have more success next year!  This was her after the last lesson! 

We spent a couple fun weekends with Kate's little friends here too. They have so much fun chasing each other around and are so sweet to include Emmy in all the fun. 

Snack time at the pool is seriously the best! I think Emmy lives for snacks at the pool. We went this past weekend and I swear she took like four snack breaks in two hours. 

I have a feeling we'll pack some more trips in by the time summer is over and double our amount swimming next summer! XOXO


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