29 December 2015

Sooo.. I made my first massive, HUGE, gigantic canvas last week. Y'all, I can't believe I finished this. And I know I'm just being dramatic but look at the amount of words, letters, words, paint, the letters... Oh. My. Okay, I'm kind of kidding. 

A lady from etsy, who lives in Benton, contacted me a couple weeks ago about putting this project together. Her husband is actually having heart surgery today and she wanted a little something sweet to hang on their bedroom walls. This song is the first song they danced to when they first started dating, awwww. right? Yes. 

It's a 4 x 5 footer--- barely fit in my car. This is a picture of it in it's new home. So much love in one canvas. Prayers to the Rushing family today! xoxo 

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