Sauce: Yogurt Sauce + Charred Carrots

05 July 2021

OK-- get ready for some serious sauce recipes. We are hooked and I don't know that we will ever return! This season on Top Chef, one of the contestants was known for her yogurt sauces. So of course we were interested and started searching for recipes. 

This was my second one to try. It actually just kind of happened. Brian went to the grocery store, saw fantastic looking carrots, bought them and then asked me how we should cook. I remembered running across a yogurt and carrot recipe on Pinterest so I went with that. It was really super simple and fantastic! The carrots were just tossed in a mix of herbs from our garden, salt, pepper and EVOO. 

half a cup non-fat greek yogurt
a small lemon juiced and zested
a pinch of seasalt and pepper

Mix together + serve


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