Father's Day Weekend 2021

06 July 2021

We took a quick trip to the lake for Father's Day weekend last month and packed a lot in a solid day. Brian, as seen above, cooked two meals on the Blackstone grill we got my dad last Father's Day. Both were fantastic and we left with him asking for a Blackstone ….

Brian and my dad both opened their presents early. We gave my dad his since it was accessories for his grill that we knew we would need to use that day. The girls were then intent on their daddy opening his gifts. Which was precious, of course. They continued to tell him "Happy Fadders Day" for the next week.. at least, maybe longer. 

We had the pool and splash pad out in no time. The girls enjoyed eating popscicles, pool side. Brian made bacon and we enjoyed fresh Arkansas tomatoes on our BLT's. 

Brian and I spent a few hours on the lake while the girls napped. It was hot but the water was cold. We had a great time chatting and hanging out together. 

When we got back, Brian was back to the grill. For dinner he made smash burgers and they were so good! I made my famous (haha) cucumber, tomato salad and we had a great meal before heading back. 

We left just a little before bedtime to head back to Little Rock. Kate skipped her nap on this day because-- of course she did-- so she passed out as soon as we hit the interstate. I wish I could sleep that great in my car seat! 

We had a great weekend celebrating our favorite dads! XOXO

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