Baby You're a Firework!

08 July 2021

I'm separating Fourth of July posts into two separate ones because the long weekend was so packed and so fun! Starting with a post about the girls precious little July 4th parade at school. This is an ECEP tradition that we missed last year due to COVID. I'm so happy it was back! The girls had so much fun and looked adorable doing it. 

The kids spend the week prior making class tshirts to wear in the parade. They end up walking around the block with their class and wave flags, etc. This is a picture of when I spotted Kate who was so serious the whole time. I'm thinking they must have talked to the kids about staying together because she was not coming to me or really responding when I leaned down to give her a hug. Kate will always be my little rule follower. 

Then there is Emmy.. who didn't see me the first few yells I made and when she did, BYE class. Left her whole class and joined mom and dad for the duration. 

The parade ends on the playground where all the kids and parents play and eat popsicles. Kate is looking so big yet so little at the same time. 

I love when the girls find each other after being apart for a little while. They are always so happy to see one another and give so many hugs! Emily never returned to her class. She was only interested in big sister and her friends. If you scroll back up to the very first picture, it's a group photo of Kate's class + Emily. I tried getting her out but she wasn't having it. All of the other parents were super kind to let her stay and make me feel like it wasn't a deal. 

Not leaving sisters side so we'll just crop her out! Haha. No really, Emily was right next to Kate in this one just outside of the frame. 

I really promise that I try to take more photos of Emily but she won't stay still or just runs away. I'll take what I can get at this point. I love these sweet little memories of our girls and I love how much fun they had this day! XOXO

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