Weekend in Tontitown

03 June 2021

We spent the first weekend in May, also known as my birthday, in Tontitown with the Penzo family. We haven't seen my grandparents in so long and the rest of the family in even longer! It was so nice to see everyone and to all be together again. My grandparents decided this weekend that they are ready to downsize and move so I'm so glad we got one last hurrah in this home that means so much to me! 

We hosted a party for my cousin Courtney and her new husband. No one was able to attend the wedding since it was during COVID. The party was in my grandparents vineyard and the weather was perfect! 

Kate and Emily had so much fun. They made friends with my 2nd cousins Flora and Gia. Emily was so sweet and followed them around everywhere. They were so good to our girls and spent the evening playing. 

All the girl cousins and kiddos-- minus Lauren. 

We had a taco bar and Emily loved the cheese dip. I swear she sat here for 1.5 hours eating and dipping her chip. Of course she didn't eat the chip, she just kept sucking the cheese off the chip. 

After her belly was full, Emmy played baggo the rest of the night. She didn't really follow the rules but had a blast running up on the boards! 

Love this picture of my girls with the vineyard in the background. I've always loved this place! 

Before we left town, we had birthday lunch at Mama Z's.. my very favorite! And it appears Emily is a big fan! She had quite the extra special weekend when it came to food! 

We had a great weekend and it did my heart lots of good seeing my grandma and nonno. I will miss their home, it's a very special place! 

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