Memorial Day Weekend 2021

14 June 2021

Happy belated Memorial Day! We had a fun time at the lake and hanging out a home-- hello splash pad. It's going to be a long, hot summer! 

We started off the weekend by heading to the lake. It was the longest drive yet because I wear every highway and interstate is under construction! As soon as we got there, Emily found her baby stroller and starting taking care of her baby doll. She loves this stroller. I feel kind of like she needs one of these at home. I love that she's added her little diaper bag to the handle. My sweetie girl! 

I finally tracked down more of these adorable little chairs for the girls. And they match the big kids chairs too! The perfect little size. 

We ended up taking the girls on the lake and they were not happy about it. It took Kate a few trips last year to really warm up. Emily is just super unsure. We'll keep trying! 

We ended up coming home on Sunday morning so the girls could play with Lucy! Erin and Jared were out of town so we went to grab Lucy at her Gigi's house in Sherwood. They girls had so much fun playing outside, on the splash pad, dressing up. All the fund little girl things! 

This cute little splash pad was a gift from the Caldwell's to Emily for her birthday. It's adorable and so fun! The picture below of Emily is her perfectly. She knows how to chillax. I thought it was so cute and funny.

I can't get enough of these cute kids. What's more picture perfect summer than popsicles with friends while playing in the water! 

 We had a great weekend playing and spending time together. Kate and Lucy skipped their nap on Sunday. I left Kate at home while Emily and I took Lucy back to Sherwood. When we got home, Kate was asleep in Brian's arms (first picture on this post) and it was so sweet. He said she just laid by him and next thing he knew she was out. The best kind of tired! Love these girls and their daddy :) 

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