Emily is 2!!!

12 June 2021

My little baby girl is TWO! Do I have baby girls anymore?! They are looking so grown up these days. And this is the only picture I got of Emily looking at me alllll day on her birthday. She doesn't look particularly happy and she slept with her hair in braids the night before so hellllo fro. 

When I picked Emmy up from school on Friday, they let us know that a couple kids in her class had hand, foot, mouth. I was determined that Emily would not get this. Well a couple hours later she was running fever and I knew she was not OK. We put her to bed in her braids from the day and hoped for the best. When she woke up Saturday morning, she was running a fever of 102. So we canceled her party. Her throat wasn't great and we could tell she didn't fell well 

By 8:10am she was this.... 

But then she woke up and acted like a new woman. She kind of went back and forth all day. So we told the grandparents they were welcome to come but warned she could have HFM. I'm so glad she still had a small celebration even though I was looking forward to throwing her a proper party. Here's looking at you May 22, 2022!!! 

I went with a sunshine theme because that's what I wanted to do for her first birthday but COVID had other plans. I love her little sunshining cake and these adorable cupcakes! Those rainbows are so precious. 

We had big BBQ plans but scaled back when we (originally) canceled the party. We still had some snacking food and a cute little table. 

I really wanted some fun balloon garlands for this party. A couple sweet ladies that I work with put together the most perfect d├ęcor! They did one in the living room (that is still hanging and looks perfect!! ps. it's been 4+ weeks)

I looked up getting some of those yard dazzles but they were all booked AND she's a little young to really appreciate it so when I ran across this sign at Michaels-- I grabbed it! And I can use it over and over again!! I couldn't get her to actually look at me but she still looks adorable. And I love Kate standing over in the door! Cuties. 

Luckily we still had presents and family for Emily to enjoy on her big day! She got this basketball hoop which is adorable because she loves basketball because daddy loves basketball! She was so fun opening her presents She was so excited while opening and made her surprised face each time! 

Kate stole aka "helped" sister open a few. I love this picture of how curious Emily is.. or maybe she's like hey, what you doing with my stuff. This was actually the gift that Kate bought Emily. I took her to the Toggery to pick out a special gift. She spent more time looking for herself than Emily. When Em opened one of the gifts Kate said, "I actually got this for me!" At least she's honest. 

This coffee maker won the day! She played with it nonstop and made everyone a cup of coffee. I'm really obsessed with the way she says coffee. It's adorable and she's so sweet to make us cup after cup! 

My one piece of advice taken from the day, no matter how cute they look. Don't buy the sparkler candles for a 2 or 3 year old. Both girls were standing by the cake to blow out the candles and quickly ended up in dad's arms and ready to run. I quickly switched them out for regular candles and we had a normal moment. OOPS! 

Emmy had a fantastic birthday, all things considered, and I loved celebrating her. I have a video from us singing her happy birthday and when everyone says her name she smiles really big and covers up her face. She's the definition of adorable and we are so SO happy she is ours. She's sunshine on the cloudiest of days!! 

We rounded out the weekend with the water table, splash pad and popsicles. Emily would not (of course) be still for a picture but sister was just happy as can be!! 

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