Kate - 4 Months

03 February 2018

 Party time! Kate is 4 months old! I love these sweet pictures of Kate on her 4 month birthday. I love her outfit, her facial expressions and the way she grabbed that postcard and had her way with it! Keep scrolling for the outtakes ;)



Kate is really grabbing now and once she gets a hold of anything, she immediately takes it to her mouth. And HELLO drool. So. Much. Drool. 

She's really come alive this month, which is probably why I have so many pictures to share this month. She's so fun. I know I say that every single month but seriously, she's adorably precious and fun. 

My mom and dad came through town one Friday on their way to my grandparents and stopped by to see Kate at school. Dad wanted a picture with his girl in front of her crib :) 

Loves looking at herself! 

Daddy came to visit at lunch one day.

I could watch her sleep for hours! Those lashes. Those lips!! Those sweet hands. 

 Cuddling with Santa and staring at herself ;)

Kate's visit to my office. We must have been so boring, she passed out as soon as my boss got a hold of her. 

Nap time with my girl. 

New Years Eve brunch with mom and dad. Sweet little girl! 

Can't hang on NYE. Mom and Dad can't either. We were asleep by 10. 

Friday off with my girl :) 

I love this picture and I'm not 100% sure why! 

Kate rolled over this month!! I always forget that I have these little cards so when I saw she did it-- it was 7:05AM and I needed to leave for work. But I didn't, I tore through her room, found the cards and snapped a picture. Her poor little hair line and faux hawk. It's precious. 

Wants to grab everything!! She's found the cell phone now. We're in trouble! 

Seriously there is nothing sweeter than this right here! 

New fun trick. Suck paci and finger at the same time. 

Cutie pie-- you have come to life in the last month! You are so busy and so curious. You want to grab everything!! Moms hair in massive clumps, my earrings, my necklaces, dads shirts, EVERYTHING!! And you are so strong! You are trying to hard to sit up and you are rolling over! You enjoy it until you get stuck and can't get back over. You've had a bit of sleep regression but we're working through it. You are finally sleeping in your crib and you do so well! You were 24.5 inches at your 4 month appointment and you took those shots like a champ! You laugh and smile constantly and it makes mommy and daddy so happy!! We love every single day with you and LOVE watching you grow and learn. XOXO

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