Weekend, weekend..

02 February 2015

Creepy picture, huh? The weekend excitement was at an all-time high. I'm driving my second piece of furniture home on Saturday... yes, second! I finally had a successful trip to the antique store...

I've been looking forever for a buffet and china cabinet. I found the cabinet back in July maybe? I originally wanted to redo a china cabinet because well, pinterest. I found a Duncan Phyfe piece that was far too beautiful to even think of painting. So I've been in search of a coordinating buffet. Saturday we FOUND IT, finally!! I'll show you that soon.

I took my BFF Shana along for the hunt this weekend, we found a cool old dresser made in 1954! I decided this would be my first rehab piece. It was solid and fabulous, a little dirty but ready for me to work on. I got the woman down to $110, sold! (We also ended up picking out Shana a China Cabinet, I'm so excited about working on this piece with her!!) SO we drive the buffet home first then went back to Cabot for dresser. Then I ran out of daylight and unfortunately we don't have any lighting in the backyard.

So it rained Sunday... I had a really hard time not being able to work on my big project. We have a small, lets say shack, behind our house. I ran an extension cord out back and got to work.

The weather conditions were not OK to paint outside so I got Brian to help me move the piece in the back room/office to finish. I really have a hard time practicing this thing people call patience. I painted all afternoon-- paint a coat, cook lunch, paint a coat, do laundry, paint a coat, shower, touch-ups in my bathrobe before getting ready for Superbowl party.. sure!

I'm almost there-- today we're going to move it in the living room and take a look-- there's a preview above. Hopefully really soon I'll be able to post the finished and fabulous product!

Shout out to Brian for being such a supportive husband. He's always backing up my plans... and let's say dreams on the DIY front. Most importantly, when I show him bird fabric that's called "Colonial Williamsburg" he trusts everything will be ok in the end!  (That fabric in a later post ;)) Thanks babe!

Fingers crossed I can reveal soon, I just love productive weekends!

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