It's pretty but... I'm over it!!

24 February 2015

This is seriously my worst nightmare.. I drove in snow ONCE in college, after my dad gave me strict instructions not to leave my house if it snowed. I decided it was really important to run to the store about 10 minutes into a snow.. I ran off the road, nearly missed a street sign 3 blocks from my house! THREE BLOCKS!!! My car stayed right there for three days. I have been terrified ever since. 

With Brian just working less than a mile from me, it's been easy here lately.. we just ride together! For some reason yesterday I dropped Brian off and took the car.. WHYYYYYY!!!! It started snowing like minutes after we got to work, finally I left around 1 to pick him up. Worst 12 blocks of my life. 

 Once we got home, safe... I got to enjoy the pretty snow. It was soo pretty yesterday! Huge flakes, I don't know that I've ever seen flakes that big. But now I'm ready for spring, come on spring!! 

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