Raise your hand if you love florals!

26 February 2015

My hand is raised high! And can we just talk about how much I love this movie! I really love quoting it, mostly in everyday life and not while actually watching it. This has to be one of my favorite lines from the movie.. that and.... 

So this post really isn't about "The Devil Wears Prada," it's about my fabulous floral pants.. and dress. And everything else I've been buying lately. There is something so feminine and lovely about a floral print. And since it's freezing outside, it's my way of telling spring... "I'M READY FOR YA!!"

So I found THESE pants at Loft a couple months ago. I debated whether I should get them for a couple weeks. Then they went on sale, like $14 sale. Why not, right?! I ran them by my then co-worker and style expert extraordinaire (she is so good for my fashion ego, it's scary!) So I got them and they have sat in my closet for nearly two months. Until today, I'm so sick of winter I brought them out to welcome spring. If it's not going to feel like spring, I'm just going to pretend it is spring. 

I did something I don't have a lot of experience with. I took a mirror selfie of me in the pants! Ashley has been asking me periodically if I've worn them yet, so I took it for her but oh well.. I'll share! And don't worry I wore a jacket with the outfit, it's a little too cold for short sleeves right now :) 

And I do have a floral phone cover because i LOVE Rifle Paper Co. and I think they can do no wrong. Shop RFC phone covers HERE. (I actually really want the iphone 6 so I can get the new design!) And while I'm linking everything, I need to add my shoes, HERE, they are the absolute best work shoes a girl can buy. Just do it. My shirt is too old to find but it's LOFT. AND my rug, because it's adorable, HERE

Hope you love the pants, they are a little out there for me but I think they are fun! And I love that print. I actually bought the matching dress back in the fall and I LOVE it! You can find that one HERE and me wearing it for the millionth time below... 

I like to place my feet as weirdly as possible for professional work photos. And don't worry.. I'm not turning into a style blog. Think I'll stick with what I know, crafts. This blog would bomb hard if I switched gears. I think I'd lose all 5 followers (THANKS FAM!!) 

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