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24 February 2015

I'm officially to the point where I am SO bored and I don't want to spend anymore time in my house. Can I just get a quick trip to Target or something?! 

Second post in one day! YES, that's how bored I've been. After posting my new wood door hangers last week, I got some orders which is so fun! I bundled up Sunday and went out back to cut some shapes. I am so glad that I did! Work was delayed yesterday and then we were sent home early-- I worked for about 3 hours yesterday and got a lot done! 

Yes, I've taken over Brian's office as my painting space! :) I also started working on a project for myself. I cut this wood a while back and set up the shape. I painted and sanded and then kind of forgot about it. I planned to use it on my buffet but then I finished the buffet and figured I would find another use. I changed my mind, shocking! 

So I painted this floral wreath yesterday and penciled in a monogram. I hate painting letters, I would much rather use a paint pen. I figured it would sit there like this forever.. until today, snow delay! 

I love, love, love it! And the buffet looks so much better after a re-decorate! 

Previews for what I'm working on.. not complete yet, I'll be back with that later this week! Have a fabulous evening and stay warm! XOXO

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