Reception time!

09 January 2015

This was one of my favorite moments of the whole day-- After the trolley didn't show... we got to the Granite Club way before everyone else. The doors were open, fall air filled the house, the classical pianist was playing something lovely, we had the whole house to ourselves. We were popping bacon wrapped crackers like it was our job! It was so perfect-- two moments from the whole day that are so clear to me-- the vows and this........

The photographer snapped this right before everyone started filing in-- it is one of my favorite pictures because we look like us. My smile is way too big.. but isn't that how it is most of the time?! 

Ahhh, I've always seen this happen to brides and I just knew it wouldn't happen to me! Brian kind of let on that he was going to do something and then this!! AHH, straight up my nose!! I really love the look on his face in all these pictures. And he was very sweet about trying to kept me get it all out :) 

I was very nice-- just crammed it in kind of hard for payback :) 

Love this man! 

Delicious champagne given to us by my dad.. thanks to whoever saved the cork for us! 


And then it was time for us to leave and head to the Capitol Hotel for an amazing dinner! 

I love this one cause you can see Brian blowing kisses! It really was a perfect day, perfect for us and a great celebration to start our happily ever after.... XOXO! 

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