Ceremony Time, Part IV

07 January 2015

Ahhh, it's ceremony time! After we took what felt like a million family pictures we went in the church and signed the official register and license (should we have just skipped the ceremony? I mean, weren't we technically married at that point?!)........

We only had about twenty minutes to wait before the ceremony started, with me running late and all-- it really pushed family pictures back. Which was actually kind of nice. I am not good at waiting-- it was the perfect amount of time to reapply makeup and make my way to the front of the church. 

Dad was busy taking pictures at every moment and posting them to facebook before the ceremony even started, he obviously didn't realize you were supposed to wait! haha! But I guess at this point most everyone had already seen us, oops! 

I love this church. This is where I grew up and have so many wonderful memories. It was really special to have our wedding at St. Mary's.

Hayden getting a little help from dad! 

And it's go time.... Dad and me sneaking around the side of the church. 

I don't know if that's excitement or nervousness on Brian's face but I do love the picture... I've decided it's happiness. 

Beautiful, amazing moments. 

Everyone loves this picture, what perfect timing! 

Mr. & Mrs. Brian William Johnston

I included this picture because.... we walk out for the trolley to take us to the reception and there was no trolley! Dad took off, tires squealing and gave us a ride. It was so funny! Unfortunately, the trolley never showed and everyone had to walk :(

What a beautiful ceremony, I have such vivid images in my head of the vows.. the rest is a little blurry. I love looking over these pictures of our amazing day! 

Next stop-- DETAILS! 


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