Six months is not an anniversary...

13 March 2015

...but it's still so fun to go back and think about our day! It was such a happy day, filled with love! My grandma has told me multiple times that I was such a happy bride... and I love hearing that. 

It really was the perfect day, the weather was so cool and fall-ish! I was terrified having a September wedding and afraid it would be warm. We could not have asked for a better day... and most importantly, I couldn't ask for a better life with this man, my best friend and partner in life. I really don't care for anniversaries, we've never known when our dating "anniversary" was. Every time one of us mentions something along the lines of... how long have we been together? It's like "4 years?" or wait, was it October or August, who knows!? July 4th? Sure, why not! 



I'm so blessed to have this husband and thankful God chose him just for me. I'll forever look at these pictures and remember the emotions of this day, I hope the memories I have never fade! 
Lots of love, 

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