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26 January 2015

This is my closet... yes, I know. Can you believe it? There is space to move things, it's not all jam packed.. I don't know when this happened to my life..... 

For as long as I can remember I've been a clothes hoarder. End of season sale, absolutely. This is an additional 50% off the sale price? Do I need it? No. SOLD! I have made more trips to Goodwill in the past year than I thought I ever would in my life.

My first apartment closet in Little Rock was amazing! So big! 3 long bars, shelving for shoes, storage up top, more shelving.... perfection. Sure I could hang most of my clothing for both seasons, I still had to box up a few things but come on... that's a huge closet and it was full! And I loved it. Did I wear 25% of it? No. 

So then my apartment complex caught on fire, I threw away some things, the rest went to the cleaners and $9,000 later, I had my clothes back. That's when the cleanse started... and it hasn't stopped!  I finally realized I was throwing away money on stupid things because I thought I was getting a deal. So I made a New Years resolution to buy quality, not quantity and really work on putting outfits together with the pieces that survived. I realized I had so many pretty blouses for work but I hate dress pants so they were just sitting there-- problem solved-- I found ONE pair of dress pants I like. I'm still hunting but in the meantime, I'm working those tops! 

I have resisted every single end of season sale since December 26th. The only things I've bought are said dress pants and three spring dresses-- which are adorable! 

Of course I have a separate coat closet, a bottom rack you can't see in the picture and random clothing hiding under beds, dressers, storage, etc. But I'm proud of where I am. It feels good to cut the random, trendy clothing out and spend the money (or save it!) on things that really interest me. I feel like I'm getting old and wise ;) 

I challenge you to try a closet clean out! If you've had it for a year and haven't worn it-- Goodwill! You'll notice in the top picture how my hangers are going all different directions, try it and you'll know what to get rid of! Good luck! 

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