Trip to Tontitown

13 July 2022

Earlier this month we went to Tontitown to celebrate the life of my Nonno, Andrew Floyd Penzo. He passed away at the end of June. I'm terribly sad he is not with us anymore but find peace knowing he's made it to his heavenly home and no longer sick. 

We had already planned to go up and spend the 4th of July weekend with friends but added on some days ahead of the weekend for the funeral and burial. The girls and I packed in my dads car on Wednesday evening and Brian came and joined us Thursday evening. 

Totally off sleep schedules, this silly faced girl woke up at 5am on the morning of the funeral and both little girls passed out about 10 minutes into the service. I haven't seen Kate do this in years! 


During the lunch after the service, Lauren got up to speak and Rosemary joined her. Immediately both of our girls ran to the front and started hugging and kissing on their cousin. They are so sweet! 

When we went to leave, Emmy spotted the buses again and insisted we go look at them. I made her take a picture.. and she actually did it. She's so precious. 

When we woke up from nap, daddy had arrived!! We went to dinner with the family and then joined the rest of the Penzo family out at Nonno's vineyard. My grandparents sold their house about a year ago and the new owners let us go over and spend the evening hanging out in a place that's always been so special to us. It's still hard to believe that he did all of this. And those grapes and vines are still thriving today. 

The next morning, we had the burial and then went to Grandmas house to eat and hang out. The girls are absolutely obsessed with Maddi. She played this silly game with their toes and they were entertained for SO LONG. They haven't stopped talking about Maddi! 

After nap (we do a lot of things around naptimes!) we went over to David and Amandas house and started celebrating the 4th! The girls rose in the neighborhood bike parade in this little thing.. biked by daddy! 

Love it! They did a lot of swimming and playing with family. We had the best time and were so happy to get so much quality time with both families! XOXO

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