Emmy: Allergy Testing Complete!

04 July 2022

Y'all... I hope your kiddo never has a food allergy. We were lucky and had one-- well two at one point, that usually the kid grows out of. It just stinks! All of it. Carrying the Epi, the testing, the appointments, the bloodwork. I'll have nightmares about that bloodwork FOREVER!

But last month, on a routine appointment, where I had ZERO expectations of anything happening OR getting out of there before five hours... Emily tested out of her allergy! In only 1.5 hours! I'm still amazed. I even took her for donuts the morning of to get her in the right mindset for this. Although I know it still would have been terrible but it couldn't hurt :) 

Brian has actually fed her a scrambled egg before. I advised against it but he did it anyway. I told a doctor and she told me how irresponsible it was and how we could send her in to anaphylactic shock and she could die. So we never did it again. When I very cautiously told her allergy doctor, she rejoiced! That's a food challenge! So she did a skin test, nothing popped up and we were eating a scrambled egg by 6pm! 

Also on the plate, peanut butter, which was at one time another allergy. God bless mamas (And daddys!) of kiddos with food allergies. I hope we never end up at Children's ever again! 

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