Johnston Family Weekend in Branson

09 March 2022

A couple weeks ago we went to Branson to celebrate my MIL's 60th birthday! We had the entire Johnston family together for three days and everyone had a blast! 

We stayed in a huge house in Branson with plenty of room for all! The adults even had a table of our own :) 

All of the Johnston cousins-- I'm just realizing are in birth order. 

Emily is so obsessed with baby Camden. And I'm also sad that he's really not going to be a baby for much longer and we'll have to start actually calling him Camden! 

They had an indoor pool, which the girls loved. I know they are even more ready for summer now. 

We hit the disney store on the way out of town. They girls were in actual heaven. Princess heaven! Emily carried around these three dolls the entire time and was so excited! 

I love this one from the back of her still carrying them under her arms. She ended up leaving with a new Elsa doll and Kate got an Elsa dress that sings! 

Sweet child didn't let the doll go for a solid week. It was the sweetest. We had a great time spending some low-key time with family, eating well, relaxing, and celebrating births!!  XOXO

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