Christmas with my babes

14 January 2022

We set everything up just like Santa had visited before we left for Wynne. We wanted to come home and the girls to walk into their presents. They were so excited! 

Luckily they are still young enough that we can hook them in the car, set everything up and then leave without them knowing anything happened! 

Last minute score! Emily and Kate loved their cousin Rosemary's little makeup set while in El Dorado, prime really showed up and got them one of their own just in time to tuck in a stocking! They love this little set. It's adorable. 

Emily absolutely loved her umbrella. Kate was deep into opening packages while Em was still playing with stocking stuffers! 

I promise she asked for a new lunchbox and backpack! I didn't just get her practical gifts to make my own heart happy! And she loved both!! 

Emily was so funny opening all her presents. She was so serious and got every. single. piece. of wrapping off! 

They didn't know it at the time but this present was a massive hit! Brian and I love it too. Now that the new had worn off and they aren't removing tonies every 5 seconds and we can actually finish a song. 

It's daddy's turn!! They really loved helping dad and celebrating his gifts. 

OK let me back up that winner of the day comment.. these were the winner of the day. Both girls have been asking for sleeping beauty dresses for months. Kate keeps asking for "the long one that goes all the way to to the ground." Emily isn't that specific but we KNOW the ask was a sleeping beauty dress. They were so happy. 

I loved watching these sweet girls experience Christmas this year. All the wonder! I'm so sad it's over! 

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