lazy, happy weekend

03 January 2022

I love when we have free weekends to do absolutely nothing. But then I worry we should be doing something. But then I stop worrying and all the weekend pieces fall right into place. This one was a great one.

It's kind of hard to get energy out of these kiddos when it gets colder outside. We usually wake up plenty early so we take a trip to the grocery store as a family. Sometimes we get really crazy and drive all the way out to Walmart on Highway 10. This time we hit up the Kroger by our house and the girls got to experience the kiddo buggy for the first time. I love how each girl took their driver role very seriously. And just like in real life-- Emily was up on 2 wheels and Kate had her hands perfectly placed on 10 and 2. Help us! 

I have no idea what we did Saturday evening but I'm sure we cooked a nice meal and chillaxed. We went to church the next mornings and these cuties showed me just how sweet they can be. 

We came home and I made a fantastic QUICHE. It was legit! After naptime we took a quick trip down to Murray Park and the girls had a blast! We stayed until it got dark(en). Brian wore shorts, Emily a sleeveless dress and I can't believe it was a December day! I love this shot of the girls sitting on the bench with dad. It's the sweetest. 

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