Sweet Little Spiced Tea

15 January 2022

I really wanted to come up with something small and homemade to gift all my coworkers, daycare people, etc and ettccc. One day I was looking for some spiced tea in my house and that's when it hit me, the perfect little thing! 

I found these cute little jars on AMAZON, requested the recipe from my mother-in-law.. she is the spiced tea queen and got this started in our house after all! And then I searched high and low for tang. I couldn't find it anywhere. And then if you order from amazon it was like bulk BULK and I didn't want that. But now in hindsight that was probably what I needed. SO anyway, again my mother in law came in clutch and found this for me. 

Kate actually helped me mix this all together and jar. She loved it. We had so much fun. Next year we're going to have to include Emmy (who was out of town) and call it a tradition! 

1/2C instant tea
2C tang
Sweetened lemonade mix for 2 quarts
1t ground cloves
1t ground cinnamon
2C sugar

Combine ingredients in large bowl and mix well. Spoon into jar and seal. To serve, add 1-3 teaspoons to a cup of boiling water.


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