Chrismamtime with Family

12 January 2022

The girls LOVED Christmas this year! They had so much fun and I can still just hear Emmy say, "Merry Chrismamtime!" I don't think I will ever forget this adorable little way she said it. She refused to wear any of her holiday themed dresses but loved every minutes of celebrating the season. And this picture of Kate, literal angel child. My heart. 

We celebrated a weekend early in El Dorado with the Hale Family. When we got to town, we took the girls downtown to ride the train. Emily screamed her head off about getting on it. But once there, she loved it, begged to go back and talked about trains nonstop. 

We even got featured on Instagram! 

All the Hale cousins! Lauren, Josh and Rosemary got to town later that night and we ate dinner and hung out before we prepared for "Santa" to come the next morning! The girls were so excited. 

They loved ripping open packages and checking out their gifts. We spent the rest of the morning playing with all our new toys.. and chapstick! 

Kate is seriously the best big cousin! She's the sweetest little girl. 

I love this picture of Emily eating chocolate cause she ate all her dinner, pushing Kate who begged for chocolate and is pouting in the baby stroller. It's just too funny. I can picture Emily saying, "No Kate, it's not your chocolate, it's my chocolate Kate." She's so terrible at taunting her older sister. 

My dad usually ushers at church during the month of December. Mom and dad asked us about going but we didn't really want to take Emily because there was no nursery, etc. Then the girls found out it was mommy and daddys married church and they just had to go. Kate quickly told us she wanted to go home and Emily was actually quite perfect during the entire service. They had a little kid area tucked to the side so we spent our time there. I loved catching this sweet hug from Emily. Usually it's the other way around! 

The next week we took off to Wynne for Johnston Christmas. We went a day late since Emily had a tummy bug! I love these pictures of Kate and Kai. They did this all on their own and it was so sweet. Kate came out with bunny (Jesus) tucked under her gown one time like she was pregnant. Haha! 

We recreated a picture we took two years ago and that sky was perfect! I love the picture below. Emily decided she was done, crawled off from the crowd and started picking her nose. It's impossible! 

Christmas morning was so sweet. Emily opened her stocking and was so excited to find a sleeping beauty (her fav) doll and chocolate! Her other fav. 

I can't believe I didn't even get he kiddos in Christmas PJs. What happened to me?! We had a great time celebrating with both families and seriously wish it could be Chrismamtime alllll the time!!! 

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