Kate's BIGger Big Girl Room

13 April 2021

Is it obvious to anyone that I can't leave rooms alone? That I'm constantly redesigning and reconfiguring everything?! Kate's room has now changed three times in her three years. And I actually really love it! 

I built her NURSERY as a soft, neutral place that didn't mean anything to her. When we moved her to her BIG GIRL ROOM, I designed it more fun, as we learned her personality more, it seemed to fit more. For this room, it's allll about Kate. As she grows, she has interests and things she needs and loves. That's why it's so fun for me now because I'm actually designing a room for a sweet little girl to grow in! 

This room was a blast. I found lots of inspiration from pinterest and instagram. I might have gone a little wild with the walls but I really don't care. 

Initial Letters  |  Pom Pom Garland  |  Wall Hooks  |   Kate Print  |   Hoop  |   World Map  |  Black Frame  |   Magnetic Frame  
  Star Decals  |   Burst Mirror  |   Rainbow Light  |   Once Upon a Time  |   Quilt  |   Kate Pillow  |  Pom Pom Pillow  

That sure is a lot of links! I found things from this room from all over! A few of the decor items came from the UK, one from Russia, and plenty from Target! Haha. I had a lot of fun selecting these items. The pom pom banner at the top is meant to change at different times of the year. When I put everything up, we used a heart one since it was around Valentine's Day. It was long enough to connect to the three pegs. The current one only drapes over two. I like that we can switch it up as seasons allow. 

I worked with a crafter in Huddersfield, United Kingdom to make the adorable "Bippity Boppity Boo!" hoop for the wall. I love the little glass slipper she added. It's absolutely precious. Kate got really excited when I told her about it and she would show us on the world map each night. "My Bippity Boppity Boo is right here and it will cross the ocean here and come to Kate in Little Rock!" It was so sweet and fun. 

I can't even tell you how precious those glitter stars and the shooting star that reads "Kate" are in person. They were both handmade in Nantwich, United Kingdom. They took the longest to arrive but were so worth it! The packaging was so beautiful! 

I LOVE this little rainbow garland. It's seriously pretty. I can't believe people handmake these sweet little items. Her Etsy shop is filled with so many cool things. I found the little rainbow on top of the frames at Target during Valentine's Day season but can't find a link to it now. 

I stumbled on this quilt. I had the hardest time finding bedding. I ordered this adorable pom pom quilt from Pottery Barn Teen and it was perfect! I spent more on it than I really wanted to so when 2 pom poms came off during the first two weeks-- and this is my cautious child, she did not tear this up! I went ahead and sent it back and started my search again. I ran across TJ Maxx online one day and found two adorable options. One was purple unicorns and the other the coral rainbows. I ultimately let Kate have the final say and she picked the pink. It fits perfectly and the whole set was only like $49!! 

   Tent  |  Lion Rug  |  Area Rug 

The tent and lion rug came from Emily's nursery when we moved out the daybed and made it a little more fun. Kate likes to sit inside this and read so we figured it could hang around for a little while longer. 

The little princess prints are probably Kate's favorite thing! She had so much fun picking out which ones she wanted in her room. And the little "princess" wired word came from Russia and surprisingly came super fast! Well.. it arrived to the USA quick. It came during the snow and sat at the post office for the week+ that we didn't receive mail. 

I love the little IKEA dollhouse bookshelf. I had so many grand ideas of where to put it but they never worked. I couldn't leave it out so I put it in her closet because we don't use the whole bar anyway. It has all sorts of fun little things on it and her little chatbooks which Kate and Emily LOVE to look at these!

I also worked really hard to get that adorable little book bin. It was sold out online and in stores. I stalked the website like every single day until I got my hands on one. I love it and it's the perfect size for the girls to go searching for books.  

I'm really happy with how Kate's room came together. It's cute, sweet, fun, and perfect for our girl. I love that she still has plenty of room to play. Kate and Emily go in her often, shut the door and play together. Which makes me so HAPPY! Until my next rearrange.... XOXO 

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