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25 March 2018

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I had no idea how hard finding something decent to wear while pregnant would be. I have this theory-- everyone who makes maternity clothes goes to this fabric factory, the buyer asks "where is your 'we-can't-sell-this-fabric-it's-deeply-discounted-and-equally-disgusting'' section?" Fabric factory worker takes buyer to section, buyer says, "Yes! This is perfect, we'll buy it all!!" Thus-- HIDEOUS fabrics disguised as maternity clothing. 

I started this post when I was about 7 months pregnant but then I got tired... because, well.. I was 7 months pregnant and a little miserable. So I'm laughing as I read it over but still think the information rings true.. so I'm proceeding with posting! 

Some notes/things I don't understand about maternity clothing:
  • Everything has ruffles
  • There is always a bow or tie directly under your boobs. Sometimes the area allotted for said boobs (excuse me, breasts) isn't even large enough! 
  • Sleeves are fluffy 
  • Most fluffy sleeve fabrics are sheer
  • I love a good floral but maternity wear only uses disgusting grandmother florals
  • Stripes! So many stripes. No, my body is expanding at a rapid pace and I would prefer to not draw your eye even wider. 
  • Strapless? Again, your chest grows and grows and then when you think it's done, it grows some more. HOW and WHY? The last thing I want/need in my life is a strapless bra!! 
  • Sleeves are half sleeves and tight. AGAIN, my arms are growing. I do not need to draw more attention to how plump they are at this stage. 
  • Off the shoulder AND strapless, I don't think I even need to explain this. 
  • Maternity clothing trends are at least 2 years behind current trends, possibly more
  • "Sexy" maternity dresses-- for where? to leave the house? 
  • There are whole categories on sites called "photo shoot dresses......" Like I can't even finish this thought. 
I work in an office. I go to work 5 days, 40 hours a week. I have events and meetings and I must be professional. There is no time to just casually walk out of the door in something "comfortable." I'm sure people will disagree with me but the working, pregnant, professional mom-to-be has got it the worst. I can't take myself seriously in most of the clothing I've found online. 

I'm a particular person, I won't pretend like I'm not super picky. But enough is enough!! I've decided that being pregnant in the summer is far worse than the fall and winter months. Because now, not only do you have to spend money on ugly clothing to get you through but throw in horrible swim suits and cover ups! 

And be prepared to order everything online. There is no.. "I need to run to the store and pick up something to wear this weekend" going on here. Sure Target and Motherhood Maternity have stores close by but Target NEVER had anything worth buying in store and a large at motherhood will barely cover your butt. Trust. Plus the quality will make you cry if you spend anything over $5 on it. 

I found the most success at LOFT. I bought as many basics as possible and just mixed tops with cardigans for most of the year. The only dresses that really worked for me were swing dresses. Which brings me to my other problem with maternity wear. You are constantly gaining weight and your body is changing.. some days, all you want to do is look/feel pretty. It's so hard!!! Swing dress made me feel like a meatball. And by the end, I couldn't wear heels so I felt extra meatballish. A lot of people will tell you to just size up in regular clothes, but that didn't work out well for me.  

I had luck finding pants at Old Navy and Target. Some luck for dresses at ASOS but again, LOFT was really the real winner. I looked around at my old shopping sites and pulled some of the things that did work in this years versions. 

The strappy cami actually didn't have the buttons last year but they came out with it this year in regular and maternity with covered buttons. RUN to buy this. And if you are planning to nurse, buy the regular one in every single size. This actually might be something you can size up in and get away with. Because I do like mine flowy and comfy. I bought the black and white covered button top last month. 

Which leads me to the next topic-- nursing clothes. It's like basically impossible to dress now that it's warming up. If you can find maternity clothes that also double as nursing, buy them! And I know I mentioned in THIS POST that no one shared with me just how important a nursing wardrobe is... so let me reiterate it... IT'S IMPORTANT. Build it before baby comes or you will be fast and furiously ordering everything you can track down. 

And to summarize this WHOLE entire post... someone, anyone.. please create acceptable maternity wear for the working woman. PLEASE. 

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