Sunday with Kate

27 March 2018

There really is nothing better than spending the whole weekend with Brian and Kate. I've come to enjoy weekends so much more since becoming a mom and working full time. 

We've started trying to take more family pictures and it seems like we always do these when we get home from church on Sunday afternoons. Probably because it's the only time we really get dressed on the weekends :) 

This Sunday, I saw this adorable dress in Kate's closet and put it on her thinking it wouldn't fit. It is a 3 month after all. I've been worried since it was gifted to me that 3 months fell right in the middle of winter and she would never be able to wear it. PTL she's got plenty of room and will be able to wear this a few more times! It's so stinkin cute!! And she wore some adorable white bloomers from her grandma underneath. They have her name on them in pink.. so perfect!! 

How adorable is this girl?! 
I think she's finally starting to look more like me. In this picture especially... hey sweet girl! 

Family picture.. working on a smile from Kate.... 

Hey serious baby!! 

Kate loves cell phones. She's always trying to grab them. Guess she's learning to take selfies very early in life :) 


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