Christmas... a little late.

30 January 2018

How sweet are the holidays with this precious girl? SO. SWEET. Look at that face!! I snapped the above and below pictures of our girl a little before Christmas when I realized I needed a picture for our Christmas card. I'm so obsessed with the one above because I feel like it captures her sweet presence AND those lips! I also love that cute little deer on her onesie!

We ended up using this picture for the Christmas card and I love it so much! She's such a happy little baby. Sometimes it's hard to grab a smile because Kate sees that camera and gets shy! 
I tried to not go overboard with the Christmas outfits because let's be honest, at this age she's generally in onesies and not in them for very long! Hello spit up and drool! I bought the cute Christmas tree outfit with the turkey one from Thanksgiving. I like that they have legs because dresses aren't really working at this stage in baby life!  

I love this little onesie. I found it at the Toggery one day and I swear she wore it so much! It's soft and sweet. I even had her in it a few times after Christmas. I was so sad to put it up!! 

This is another one of my very favorite onesies she's ever had! I impulse purchased it from Smocked Auctions one night! It's so soft! That little Santa! And it has the sweetest ruffle butt. She got this bow from one of my aunts.. I don't think she was so sure about the size of it. I snapped this right after I put it on her head :) HAHA! 

Anyway.. back to Christmas. Not Kate's sweet clothes... 

We celebrated at our house this year. It's our year to spend Christmas with Brian's family. His brothers came in on Friday and we had a good time catching up and watching "Christmas movies." Somehow they convinced me that Die Hard was a Christmas movie. Other than the fact that it takes place around Christmas... it's NOT a Christmas movie. 

We spent Saturday in Conway with the Middlekauff family celebrating. Kate got plenty of snuggles and love. We had a good time seeing everyone and eating! 

I love this picture of Kate napping on her Papaw. And you can see her sweet ruffle butt! Christmas can wear a girl out! 

After Conway Christmas we all went back to Little Rock and celebrated some more. Nene and Granddaddy came down on Christmas Eve and we ate well and opened presents. I snapped this pic of Kate on Christmas Eve. I love it so much!! She looks so happy with her little Santa from her grandma. 

Kate and Daddy on Christmas Eve. I've figured out the difference between Christmas having a child and not... I got 0 pictures of our Christmas decorations this year. Not one single picture of our pretty upstairs Christmas tree. But plenty of our sweet girl! 

Christmas morning with Kate. I love this sweet cardigan on her! She needs like 700 more, like her mom. 

We got up Christmas morning and opened presents with the Johnstons, ate breakfast and then headed to the lake to celebrate with my family. 

I love this picture of Kate and Uncle Clark. She's so happy! And she looks like a little Christmas elf. So sweet! 

We got the lake in the early afternoon and opened presents then had a delish meal for dinner. Plenty of rest throughout the remainder of the day. I love this picture of Kate sleeping with Boom Paw. And I think this was like her 3rd.. maybe 4th outfit of the day!! 

We had a great Christmas. Kate made it so much sweeter. I can only imagine that the years will get better and more precious. 


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