Week 3

26 June 2012

I played major catch up this week and finished all 7 projects, plus one bonus!! I didn't do as many crafts this week, more cooking and I did have a couple complete busts. (It's a bit easier to cook when I'm traveling during the week) Anywho, here we go.... 

Day 11- Cinnamon & Sugar Pretzels
SO yum!! I love a mix of sweet and salty so theses were perfect! You just mix some oil with sugar and cinnamon, coat the pretzels and bake at 350 for like 30 mins! soooo simple! 

Day 12- Sweet Chicken Wraps
This picture is awful!! But these were good! Again, so easy! They are meant to be appetizers but I made them in to a meal :) Chicken, wrap it with bacon and then in a separate bowl... mix some brown sugar and chili powder, sprinkle on top and bake as usual! You could also do these on a grill! 

Day 13- Weight Watchers Edamame Fried Rice
I added shrimp to this one for a little something extra. It was pretty good. Make sure you use low sodium soy sauce unless you like salty! Other than that, it was good! You can use chicken, beef... really anything?!

Day 14- Removing shellac with acetone and tin foil (BUST)
I don't have a picture for this but lets just say I ended up with acetone all over my body and after all that my nails were still painted. Never again!! 

Day 15- Homemade Teeth Whitener 
I started this last week so I'll have to update you in a month or so how it's working! I feel like it did some good but the instructions say to keep doing until you see results. Not sure if I'm using the right tooth paste.. it didn't say what to use? I just used what I had :) Stay tuned.... 

Day 16- Nail Drying Trick (BUST) 
Don't have a picture of this either... as it didn't work. The theory is.. you can paint your nails... submurge them in a sink full of cold water for 3 minutes, they will dry and all the excess you got on your skin will magically disappear. False. My nails looked like a messfest when I finished and then I had to spend 10 minutes removing the nasty nail polish. :( I was really hoping this was the miracle I was looking for!! 

Day 17- Strawberry Sangria
White strawberry sangria - white wine, strawberry schnapps, fresh strawberries
I can't get my picture to upload so I'm using the one from Pinterest! This was pretty yum! I used some barefoot white wine, they were out of strawberry schnapps so I substituted strawberry pucker :) and then threw some cut strawberries in. It was pretty good but a little sweet. Next time I will def leave out the sugar!

Day 18- "Etched" Mug
Who loves Brian's new mug?! So pretty sweet!! I can't find any good razorback stickers so I had to improvise but I think it turned out pretty good! :) If I can just find more stickers (better ones) he will probably have a whole set! Perfect for football season!! 

Sooo, what do you think about this weeks projects?! Lame? Okay? I'm working on some more exciting ones this week. I also have some crafts I want to do that I've kind of thought up from other projects on Pinterest so I might start substituting?! 

Anyway, I'm over half way there! Until next week... XOXO! 

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