Week 2 Wrap.... Sorta....

19 June 2012

This week I was unsuccessful in my attempt to do a project a day. I couldn't find the supplies that I needed and then I just got busy. I'm going to try to do better this week! :) 

First I wanted to share a picture from this weekend. Every year we go to Lake DeGray for Father's day. We started this 7 years ago when we got a boat, except back then we camped. Thank goodness we have since upgraded and now we can stay in our cozy house. This picture was taken Saturday afternoon. I love DeGray. 

OKAY, now on to the projects I DID finish. 

Day 8- Drawer Pull Necklace Holder
OH-M-GEE!! I LOVE this project!! A few months back I made a different hanger for all my necklaces but I didn't really finish it and then I didn't like it SO when I saw this-- I knew I had to do it! It took a little more to make- drilling, finding wood, painting. the most difficult was picking out pulls I liked. I think it turned out great! 

 Day 9- Homemade Ice Cream (no ice cream machine) 
SIMPLY AMAZING!!! This was sooo good and so rich and I am in love! I posted this pic on facebook and immediately had people asking me about it or texting me for the recipe :) Brian  and I love Breyers Oreo ice cream and we bought the one with oreos and sprinkles last time so I figured I would give it a try. I saw months ago where Lindsey tried this and loved it so I copied her idea. (Like I'm doing for this whole project :) Whipping cream, sweetened condensed milk, butter, vanilla, oreos, sprinkles and a freezer... it really is that simple! 

Day 10- Fix broken make-up with rubbing alcohol
So this was easy and a lot cheaper than buying new make-up :) Seriously, all you have to do is drop some rubbing alcohol in to whatever make-up you have that's broken, rub it all together with your finger and let it sit. (BTW I read that the alcohol won't hurt you) By the next day I was ready to wear my blush again. It's not perfect but it works. 

Sooo.. here's to 7 projects this week. Until then :) 

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