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28 June 2012

Hello!! I figured I would share a quick mid-week update on my pinterest project :) I've also been working on some crafts that I didn't get from Pinterest & thought I would share those.. ENJOY!! 

SOO, I went back and did a little re-vamp on a project I did in week 1. I wanted to make some cute decorations for the 4th so I made stars & stripes candle holders. I made my designs with stars stickers and for the stripe jars- I used painters tape and rubber bands to make cute patterns :) then I sprayed them with my etching spray and TA-DA!! Here are some before, during and after pics.... 

 Day 19- DIY Work Out T-Shirt 
Yes, there is a story as to why I used an old navy flag t :) Last year on the 4th of July I brought a flag t-shirt to the lake (Rachel and I bought them to cut the sleeves off and re-create our trashy Destin shirts) I ended up making Brian an awesome 4th of July outfit with my shirt and then made him some jorts to wear. So this year I bought us both a shirt so we could wear them together for our "anniversary." Anyway, this was super easy, the instructions are perfect if you want to make this. I'll have to post an after picture ofus wearing them together next week! 

Day 20- DIY Marbled Glasses 
I can not find the link of where I found this project from Pinterest but I posted the blog where I got the instructions. Maybe I didn't do it right but it didn't turn out like the pictures! Let's just say I'm using these to hold my paint brushes. The idea was cool but the finished product... not so much. You use nail polish and drop it in water-- when you drop the glass in the water it is realllly neat to see the pain cling to the glass. 

Day 21- Refinishing Old Wood 
Okay, so maybe this doesn't technically count as refinishing furniture but cut me a little slack :) I found this at Goodwill for $2!!! Brian has this huge knife that has no home so I was like okay, this would be cool for his apartment. It was realllly ugly... So i took a sander to it, used a little polish and got it looking pretty good. I'm thinking I might stain it? But really this picture doesn't look that great. It looks much more pretty in person! 

OKAY, I saved the best for last!!! I saw this canvas on Riffraff and just knew I had to recreate my own!

What do you think?! It didn't turn out as good as I wanted but I don't think it's horrible! I'm working on my second one right now so I'm hoping it will look AMAZE!!! Anyway, hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend! I don't know that I will do much crafting over the next week.. maybe some cute 4th of July baking?! I'll update you soon :) 


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